Arrival on earth ...17th December 2015

Saavya Mehta (Annika )

Some arrivals are destined ....and so was I. I arrived as usual crying in the arms of our doctor (Dr Kiran) and then getting straight away kissed on my forehead my mother. My father looked in awe 😉

Just few months back, neither had my father or my mother even imagined themselves as married partners or even parents..but I was eager and determined to have them as my angels so things just happened as per my grand plan 😉

I am 16 months old and my father will pen this for me until I take over at some time so till then bear with his american not so great English and sense of humor !

Our Guru - His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Our Guru

My Angels (Mom and dad!)

How friends and family celebrated!

My first video with papa

With Grandpa and ma